Automobile Project

Automotive Machine and Technology Industry Modern

Automobile Machine and have revolution the way people travel from one place to another and with the help of technology industry modern, This is the reason that almost everyone is employed in North America because of the presence of such huge industries there. This industry is so huge that now companies have been setting up their plants in developing countries also, if the sales of their products in a certain area like South America get narrowed, then they can compensate it by selling their products in another part of the world like Asia or Brazil. This is the greatest advantage of growing themselves in all parts of the world equally. This variety only makes the industry a huge one and offers job to millions of people living in the U.S and Canada. and Along with providing jobs opportunities to the people living in the U.S and even outside the US, this industry also generates billions of dollars of revenue for the U.S economy which makes it one of the backbone elements of the United States of America’s economy. The American automobile industry has flourished itself in such a way in the global market that it hardly suffers a loss in its sales. This is because,

Automobile industry of the United States of America affects the U.S economy very hard as the latter is highly dependent on the former. The automobile industry finds its use in almost every kind of industry and even in the defense also whether it is army, navy or air force. They also manufacture airplanes and vehicles that run on electricity which mainly include trains and some cars.

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