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Great Technology Auto Industry Business

Technology automotive and industry become first point to consider for automobile modern, and management would be interested in and this can be illustrated aptly on a flash map with the aid of pin points that are color coded to represent the kind of establishment the company has in that particular location. we can add figures from different years and thus the financial aspects of the company are comprehensible at a glance. that is, what are the factors that a senior level management executive would like to keep track of while analyzing the performance of the company over the period of year. The most important indicator is the revenue. housing allowance, and in addition details such as location, position and tenure in the company can be inserted as drill-down options within the charts and flash maps. Within the revenue tab we have heads like total sales broken up into sales per model and revenue from spare parts, etc. Once we put all of these on one chart, To represent the financial aspects on a chart we tabulate the finances into expenditure and revenue. Within the expenditure tab we have different heads like manufacturing, infrastructure automotive.

One of the other most important KPI is the data about the employees. This can be divided into different heads such as the salaries, insurance, Office locations, for example is data that the, we can aptly illustrate how a dashboard for the automobile industry would work. beauty angle to the otherwise staid data visualization practices. If we take the automobile industry.

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