Automobile Project

Modern Automotive Industry and Business Technology

Technology automotive and companies collectively are the largest employer in the industry business world today. and look at the problem in another way. For a great many persons, the car is the only practical means of getting to work. Who is right? That is a question that may well turn into one of the most controversial political issues regarding infrastructure and domestic policies in the future. Beyond the manufacturing sector of the auto industry are the people who design, advertise and sell automobiles, there is almost an endless succession of men and women who earn their livelihood in an occupation that is connected in some way with that one central object, People living in suburbs want expressways that can get them to and from their job in the middle of the city in the shortest possible time. People who live in metropolis areas don’t always think so much of this idea. or invents a new plastic for the tail light, is equally involved in the creation of the automobile. and discussion of this particular point end here. They claim or at least many of them do that expressways carve up the cities and leave them ruined. cars and their manufacture are a vital component of our economy.

Either their work would come to them, or they would have to move. It wouldn’t take much time to figure that unless the whole structure of the industry were to alter, the suburbs would virtually disappear. Or to juggle slightly with the framework of our imaginary discussion,

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