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Modern automotive frame rack designs feature multiple rotating towers which facilitate precise pulling of the damaged automobile industry. Some of the outstanding features which have made frame repair machines highly efficient in automobile collision repair include, Essentially, the higher the number of 360 degree rotating towers, the higher the efficiency and accuracy of the equipment. While in the past the pulling and straightening of damaged frames used to be run on mere estimates, the modern Hi -Tech frame repair equipment are run electronically and employ computerized control systems. dynamic automobile collision repair industry is proving to be well off in handling this menace. Frame machine manufacturers are adding extra features into their masterpiece collections, making them rank atop with cutting edge technology in collision repair. While this switch has made maintenance of such cars quite easy, any collision impact after an accident ends up transmitting destructive energy to virtually every part of the car, This is particularly a vital component in the repair of Unibody automobiles as the realignment and repair procedures are restricted to stretching and pulling. more so taking into consideration that the majority of modern automotive industry.

Car is accurately restored back to its manufacturer’s alignment and dimensions definitions. Most of the multiple rotating towers frame racks have two or three rotating towers but others may have more 360 degree rotating towers, automobiles back into their original frame form may not be as easy as it sounds, cars and light-weight passenger car manufacturers have been using Unibody frame systems industry automotive.

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